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Product Description

Malleable Iron Fitting Reducer Bush Hot Dip Galvanized 20MM TO 25MM 3/4″ TO 1″

This is a physical property of metals and metalloids, or any kind of matter. We call a metal malleable when it can easily be deformed, especially by hammering or rolling, without cracking the metal.

We are manufacturer of Malleable Iron Pipe Fittings and supply high quality Malleable Iron Pipe Fittings in both large and small quantities worldwide and offer you the best prices in the market.

Malleable Iron Pipe Fittings(Forged High Pressure Pipe Fittings)

Our products are famous for the perfect finish, excellent resistance to wear, accurate fit and long trouble-free life.

They can be divided into 3 standards:

American standard:

      ANSI maleable pipe fitting

  • Materials: ANSI/ASME A197-79
  • Dimensions:ANSI/ASME B16.3-85
  • Threads: ANSI/ASME B1.20.1

DIN Standard:

  • Materials: DIN1692
  • Dimensions:DIN2950
  • Threads: DIN2999
  • British Standard:
  • Materials: ISO 5922
  • Dimensions: ISO 49
  • Threads: ISO 7/1

Electric Galvanized Malleable Iron Pipe Fittings

  • Standard: American, DIN, British
  • Material: ANSI/ASME A197-79, DIN1692, ISO 5922
  • Dimensions: ANSI/ASME B16.3-85, DiN 2950, ISO 49
  • Threads: ANSI/ASME B 1.20.1, DIN 2999, ISO 7/1


Malleable Cast Iron Pipe Fittings (DIN EN std 150#)

Galvanized Malleable Pipe Fittings

We manufacture over 600 dimension types of fittings (from ¼” to 4″)
that can have black or galvanized surface.

  • Malleable iron pipe fittings with DIN threads, Hot dipped galvanized and black finished.
  • Material: ASTM A197, ASTM A47;
  • Dimensions: ISO 49, DIN EN 15712;
  • Threads: ISO 7/1
  • Size Available: 1/8″-6″

Product Details

Bush – Male to Female Reducing – BSPPF x BSPTM


Malleable cast iron fittings are highly durable and temperature resistant making them ideal for use in air conditioning, plant engineering, gas lines and lubricant pipework.



intermediate pressure rating at temperature between 120°C and 300°C can be obtained by linear interpolation; hot dip galvanised fittings should not be used below -10°C.


BS 143; BS 1256; BS 21; ISO 49; ISO 7/1


Malleable Fittings – Bushes


axwill malleable iron pipe fittings are to BS143/1256, ISO49 and threads (taper male and parallel female) are to BS21, ISO7/1. The fittings are available self-colour (black) or hot dip galvanised finish to BS729 for increased corrosion resistance. Pressure rating is 25 bar at service temperature -25°C to +120°C and 20 bar at 120°C to 300°C.,Crane Fluid Systems straight pipe fittings are available self-colour (black) or galvanised finish, with taper internal and external pipe threads to BS21 and ISO7 for pressure-tight joints. They can be used with BS1387 steel tube for air, gas, steam and water services. Pressure rating is 25 bar at service temperature -20°C to +120°C and 20 bar at 120°C to 300°C.

 60.3mm Internal diameter. 20mm Boxes – min 25mm deep, 25mm boxes – min 28mm deep.
Tapped M4 at 50.8mm centres, with tapped hole in base for earthing screw.
Supplied without covers or earthing screws unless ordered.


One way,two way,angle way and four way all available 
We have all sizes from 20mm to 50 mm 
All the malleable circular box C/W cover and gaskets expect requriement when ordered
RANLIC BS4568/BS31 Mallable Circular Terminal Box 
Marking: RANLIC
Material: Malleable Iron
Standard: BS4568/BS31/IMC/RIGID
Size: 20mm to 50mm( bs4568 conduit)   3/4″ to 2″(imc rigid conduit)
Used for bs4568 and bs31 class 4 conduit pipe
Hot dip galvanized durable and never rusted,Painting also available
Ranlic brand is engraved on the products, also can make OEM 
Material: Malleable Iron 
Standard: BS4568:PART 1 1970 BS EN 5
                                                    BS EN 61386
With tapped hold in base for earthing screw,supplied w/o cover and screws unless ordered
Size: 20mm-50mm
 K.O.: 1 way to 4 way, inspection bend, inpsection elbow and TEE
Characters & Diemension:

RL111-20 Malleable Iron Hot Dip/Painting 20mm GI CONDUIT BS4568 CLASS 4
RL111-25 Malleable Iron Hot Dip/Painting 25mm GI CONDUIT BS4568 CLASS 4
RL111-32 Malleable Iron Hot Dip/Painting 32mm GI CONDUIT BS4568 CLASS 4
RL111-38 Malleable Iron Hot Dip/Painting 40mm GI CONDUIT BS4568 CLASS 4
RL111-50 Malleable Iron Hot Dip/Painting 50mm GI CONDUIT BS4568 CLASS 4

Other Terminal Box(Circular Box) Available
One way box-terminal box. Two way box-Angle box, Two way box-Through box, Three way box-Tee box, 4 way box-intersection box, branch 2 way box (U), branch 3 way box (Y), twin through way box (H) available
Why Choose Ranlic Conduit Item:
1) High quality material ensures a finish conduit and fittings with superior properties
2) Manufactured by perfect molds and professtional engineer
3) Fitted perfectly with fittings(conduits) for the CNC threading machine
4) 10 years export experience to make sure the perfect shipment date and package
5) Always like to listening customers feedback for the conduit arrived to 
   customer’s warehouse to improving our service 
RANLIC BS4568/BS31 Malleable Circular Box
to protect conductors in threaded bs4568 class 4 conduit, act as pull and splice boxes, interconnect lengths of conduit, change conduit direction and provide access to conductors for maintenance and future system change.


1. With tapped hole in base for earthing screw.
2. Supplied with covers and fixing screws if required
3. Order 3/4″-2″  when using with rigid steel conduit
4. Order 20mm-50mm  when using with BS4568 Conduits.
5. BS31 boxes also available in aluminum die casting & finish polishing
6. Box Covers are available 0.80mm to 1.2mm thickness, finish pre-galvanized

Electro-galvanized or Hot dip galvanized


We supplier only the high quality products, most of our Malleable circular box weight according to BS4568 61386 stipulated . 2 screws of the terminal box always keep same 
distence in order when put on the sockets can not use

Wish you have a good day and everything goes well.

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1. We produce Raw material(Steel Coil ) by ourselves ,we can control the quality strictly
2. Original factory price (we produce steel coil by ourselves, That’s why we can keep good quality and competitive price )
3. Fast delivery time(warehouse in Dubai,Qatar)
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Taper Bulbs in Machine Tools

TB 2012-28 Taper bushes are standard conical studs with a locking mechanism. They have a conical outer surface, cylindrical inner bore, and H7 tolerance, and feature a standardized keyway. These studs are typically used for industrial applications to fix non-standard pulleys and TB hubs to shaft couplings. Those with a CZPT thread can also find them in many applications.

Profiled bushes

Having a good knowledge of the characteristics of a plant is essential when landscaping or choosing a new plant. Plant profiles can help new plants get off to a good start by providing you with essential information about their growth needs. The height and spread of a new plant are important factors to consider when combining plants in a pleasing design. If you want your landscape to look neat and tidy years down the line, planting a new plant now will ensure that it will be there to stay.

Widening longitudinal slits in a bush

One embodiment of the invention relates to a taper bush, and more particularly, to a method of achieving a balanced state by widening a longitudinal slit in a bush. One embodiment involves removing metal from the surrounding taper bore hub and bush to form a widened longitudinal slit in the bush. This method may be implemented in other embodiments as well, such as through profiling of the bush.
The tapers on a taper bush provide a locking mechanism. The material used is precision cast iron and often computer etched for size identification. In addition, the bushes provide excellent clamping force. Tapers are used in a variety of applications, such as pulleys and sprockets, and are also commonly used for alignment. The method of widening longitudinal slits in a taper bush is described below.
There are 2 types of tapers. The first type is a compression fitting and has a flange or fixed end 17 with 2 longitudinal slits. The longitudinal slits are parallel to the longitudinal axis A and allow a section of diameter to expand under internal force. Using 2 longitudinal slits in a taper bush results in equal outward forces and a balanced system. A single slit would result in uneven outward forces and misalignment of the elements.

Locking holes

Normally, locking holes in taper bushes are partially filled with bolts or screws. However, in some embodiments, locking holes are provided with keyways that are machined into the bush’s parallel bore. A similar-sized key minimizes the effect of the hole on the balance of the bush. Here, a bush is provided with locking holes to facilitate removal of the bush. The present invention addresses these problems by providing a bush with locking holes and a slit that promotes compliance.
While the process of connecting a belt pulley to a drive shaft is seemingly simple, engineers may overlook important aspects. The CZPT Taper-Lock system is popular in time-critical applications, such as industrial pumps or roller chains. These bushes are made of steel or cast iron and feature standardized keyways. As a result, they can be installed without special tools. When choosing a taper nut, be sure to carefully consider the locking holes to avoid the possibility of slipping or damage.
In addition to providing locking holes, the taper nut on the shaft should also be protected by a metal washer. The washer should be durable and rust-free, as these bushes are frequently subject to corrosive environments. If you’re concerned about your safety, be sure to check the instructions. There are many guidelines on how to securely fasten taper bushes. Here are a few tips.


The application of taper bushes has various benefits, including their high precision and durability. These components are manufactured using high-quality cast iron. They also permit the use of unqualified labour to perform tasks. These features enable a wide range of applications. Taper bushes are suitable for all kinds of industries and mechanical components. This article will discuss some of the advantages of using taper bushes in machine tools. This article also discusses the advantages and disadvantages of using taper bushes in machine tools.
Taper bushes are designed to secure machine elements onto cylindrical shafts. Their length is uniform and the flangeless design allows them to provide excellent clamping force. Their design allows for easy installation of sprockets and ensures that they are properly aligned. Moreover, they help in the smooth movement of machine elements. This makes them an excellent choice for high torque applications. Here are some of the most common applications of taper bushes:
The applications of taper bushes include machine tools, agricultural equipment, and mechanical parts. These bushes are available in metric and imperial sizes. They can be made to fit various shaft diameters and bores. As they can be made to fit multiple shaft diameters, they save a great deal of time and money. They have a slit that extends from the inside bore to the outside diameter, which allows them to stretch around the shaft when screwed into a bore. They can also be manufactured with a keyway groove to allow for a keyway.
Clamping bushes are also an option for taper -lock bushes. These bushes enable the accurate fixing of hubs on shafts. Compared to keyways, these bushes are more accurate and fast-fitting. They also don’t cause any axial alignment errors. You can buy a complete range of taper bushes at CZPT. Once you’ve found the 1 you need, contact us.


The cost of taper bushes is comparatively inexpensive compared to other types of shaft attachments. They are pre-machined with the keyway and bore size and include a locking set screw. These are suitable for various applications, including V-pulleys, couplings, and bolt-on hubs. However, if you are looking for the best value for money, you should consider buying them from European suppliers.
Taper bushes are widely used for a variety of applications. Their main benefit is that they are compatible with a variety of shaft diameters and bores. In addition to standard sizes, manufacturers can also manufacture specialized models with larger bores and pilot bores. For example, the Challenge taper bushes are available with 150mm (6.2″) to 200mm (8″) bores and shallower keyways. If you need a shaft with a large bore, you should buy a taper bushes that have a deeper keyway.
China wholesaler Malleable Iron Fitting Reducer Bush     with Good qualityChina wholesaler Malleable Iron Fitting Reducer Bush     with Good quality

Taper Bushes

As one of leading taper bushes manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of mechanical products, We offer taper bushes and many other products.

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